Considering modifications for my Creality CR10S Pro

I am definitely going to upgrade to a BL touch as the proximity sensor is driving me nuts! the real question I have is there anyone out there who has modified their Creality CR10S Pro to a dual head printer. Some of my designs - a cube in a cube for instance - are very difficult to remove the support and some are just impossible. So does the water soluble filament work? What is your experience with the double head printer? If the modification is possible what is the approximate cost?

I would recommend looking at a Mosaic Palette for multi-material printing. Converting a CR-10s Pro to a dual hotend is extremely complicated and it takes a lot of work to dial in dual heads to make sure they work. Soluble supports will work with PLA on the Palette, however, Soluble sounds great until you look at the cost of around $50/KG which makes it extremely cost prohibitive.

Upgrades I would consider on your CR-10s Pro v1 are a BLTouch and a Micro-Swiss All Metal Hotend. The Palette will work on any printer so its a good addon for any FDM machine.

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Ok now I am off to do some research. Thanks for your input.

I too have been wondering about dual extruder for my machine. I have 2 dual extruder machines at work and they have become a nightmare to use in that fashion.
Would it be possible to upgrade to the CR-X Dual head? Would a new mainboard be needed? or is the voltage the problem?

What is involved in a Mosaic Palette / Canvas / Ponterface installation. Price for units is reasonable.
Possible 3 machines looking to hook up to, Cr10s Pro and (2) Xinkebot Orcas.

Done the research, looks promising (Palette2s).
Is there anyone in this community that has actually used/using this machine. I would like to hear your love/horror stories.