Cool things to print

This video is infuriating.

“cool art you can print and put it on eBay, Etsy,…”

People spend a lot of time creating things. Out of the goodness of their hearts and a desire to share they post the files so everybody can enjoy them. Having some YouTube guy suggest you can steal them is really sad and IMO an affront to a community build on open source. He also linked a different model than the image he used. That also offends me, if you use an image for one creator then link a different creator it is just rude.

Mechanical Planetarium byZippitybambais licensed under theCreative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial - Share Alikelicense.

@PJprincefpv I assume you just missed the multiple suggestions of violating CC licenses. I caught it because I was planning on printing the planetarium. I hope you guys choose to leave this up I think it is important to shine a light upon thingiverse and similar sites most designs are licensed and most do not allow you to sell them.

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