Corexy Mercury sold in EU

I have an Ender 5 Plus and would like to upgrade it by adding Corexy. Mercury 1.1 is such a kit but not available in the EU, at least I was not able to find such a source. But if there are other kita to do such an upgrade sourced in the EU that would be great to know.

The price without tax and fees to the logistics agent that performs the customs would make out of a 460 Euros price tag one close to 700 Euros. Then I would be easier to purchase a new 3D core xy printer.


You can self source all the parts for a mercury upgrade as well. They are all available on alixpress or similar marketplaces.

Here is the BOM for the project, just get everything individually. It sometimes ends up being cheaper than the kits too. Bill of material | ZeroG Documentation

I will start to buy things from the BOM that take some time to be delivered. Thanks for the advice-

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