Costco 3d print pen

So I happened across this on the weekend:

Wonder if anyone has one and whether it’d be worth it to pick one up?

I bought a geetech 3d print pen on amazon, and i think it was cheaper. I dont have lots of expierence with 3d print pens, but i dont think there is really much difference between them.

Compares some random pens for a reference.

It would be a good use of scrap filament, like the bits leftover from the end of a spool.

Though it does have activity mats and projects which id guess may be worth a bit. Mine didnt have any of that, just 3 clips of pla and the unit.

I looked at it when they had it at our Costco. Used a weird size of filament so I didn’t bother with it at the time. I’m sure there’s a way to use one of the standard sizes though.

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If you cant use standard sized filament, then id definitely not go for it.

Agreed. Not going to bother.