CR 10 S Pro V2 print quality revisited

I am trying to get this printer to print correctly. I have a Sonic Pad and have a DDX extruder. I cannot get the walls to connect. I have tightened the belts and carriage, did the resonance test on the Sonic Pad, did the Flow calibration in Orca, made the wall thickness thinner. All I get is what you can see in the picture.

Looks like it could be under extrusion to me. Try calibrating the rotation_distance if you are using klipper (i.e. the sonic pad), or esteps if you are using marlin firmware. Once this is calibrated retry the flow calibrations and you should see a big improvement!

What’s your pressure advance (also known as PA) setting?

As @Matthew indicated, it could be under extrusion (ie rotation distance) but it could also be a PA value that’s out of whack.

I have added code to the starting GCode like
G92 E415 M 500;
Matthew says I should put that in firmware, but frankly, I don’t know how to do that.
My question is: doesn’t that code store the esteps in the memory of the motherboard?

Klipper does not recognize many Marlin commands. These may some of them.
to calculate rotation distance.

You then have to add this to the config.cfg file in the appropriate area.
Klipper does not work like Marlin!

I have measured off 120mm on the filament and heated up the nozzle to extrude temp and extruded 100mm slow. Then I measured what was left and it was 20mm. That tells me the rotation distance is correct, right?

What I’m not clear is:

  1. Where do I get the printer.cfg file for my printer? I used the Sonic Pad to flash the first time.
  2. I know how to find the value in the printer.cfg and how to change it.
  3. How do I compile the text printer.cfg into a binary hex file?
  4. After that I know how to flash the firmware.

If what you have is 20mm then your rotation distance is correct.

To access the printer.cfg file, you’re going to have to go to the web user interface and click on Configuration - you can access it from there.

How did you set up the Sonic Pad in the first place?

All you have to do is select your printer on the Sonic Pad and it flashes for the selected printer. Sorry for being so dumb, but what web user interface? I know it’s clear to you but not me. I know git hub has the printer.cfg for a CR 10S but not the Pro. Then once I have the correct printer.cfg how do I compile it? If I have the correct hex file I can flash the printer.

printer.cfg is a text file in Klipper that is used to configure the printer and set various parameters for it.

Along with using the touch screen, you can (should, really) connect the Sonic Pad to the internet using your home network and access it remotely using the web ui which provides you more features and functions than just the touch screen.

Follow the instructions under “Controlling the Creality Sonic Pad Remotely” here:

Other videos by this guy seem worthwhile also.

In order to access the user interface you will need to headover to make sure you are connected to the same network as the sonic pad. Then you can use the IP address of the sonic pad and connect to it using google, or even easier just head over to http://fluiddpi.local

The sonic pad runs klipperscreen to allow you to control the printer from the sonic pad directly, but this is quite feature limited and is only really meant for printer control. Using the web interface allows for full access to all of the features of klipper such as your firmware. Head over to the configuration folder and look for the file printer.cfg, click on this and look for a setting labeled as pressure advance under the extruder section. Once you find this setting put a # in front of it in order to disable this feature, the line should go green to indicate it is now commented out. After this click the save and restart in the top right hand corner and try printing your model again.