CR 10 S Pro v2 Z axis locking up

My CR 10 S Pro V2, which had been workign perfectly up to today, will not autohome. The Z axis gets to a certain point about 50 MM above the plate and stops. The screen says it’s at 0.0. It only moves up but not down from this point.

I don’t.know this printer but is something triggering the z home stop? Is it a switch?

Hi Glenn,
I looked and it’s not hitting any switches. I am able to fiddle it down to the plate by disabling the motors, but now when it does an auto-level the BL Touch stops extending around point 3 and then when it moves to point 4 the BL Touch doesn’t extend at all and the nozzle grinds right down into the bed. I have no idea what’s going on but am thinking a new BL Touch may be in the works.

It thinks its extended i guess. is there red and …really faint blue light on it? Is the red light flashing or just off before it crashes?

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I have a cr10s pro v1 with the bl touch added in instead of the capacitive sensor, and not currently printing atm, so i can try and help you troubleshoot.

From powered off to on, is the probe deploying several times?

There is, within Marlin, an option to enable “soft” end stops. This is where the processor uses a running count of where “zero” is rather than waiting for the limit switch to actually be hit. Usually these soft end stops are defined as “0” where the physical limit switches are and “###” where the physical limits of your build volume are. It prevents the controller from slamming the print head against the frame. Check that you don’t have them enabled, or if you do, that you have them properly calibrated.

When first started the probe extends and retracts a few times. Then it’s blue when idle with the probe extended, changes to orangs when it make contact and retracts going back to blue. I just ran it again and at point 7 the probe retracted and at point 8 went orange, did not extend and the auto-leveling stopped.

Yes it does, twice. Then it goes to organge. When auto-homing it goes to the center of the build plate, does two extend/contracts after contact and then settles down to the plate without extending. It again stopped at point 8 and locked up.

I think the probe is getting stuck, they can get trash in them or they can get bent. you can take the probe out through the hole in the top where the set screw is and clean it all out and try it again, the magnet isn’t very strong and anything that delays its deployment will make it error out, I don’t know how it let the nozzle hit the bed because that means it didn’t error out when it deployed or ignored the signal when it was pushed back in. . . Mine actually had some mold flash on it but it’s fine after I cleaned it. PJ told me he keeps spares on hand because he bends them often on one of his printers. they sell them like consumables on the main site

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Took it apart, no junk and the probe was striaght. Now the thing is locking up again during auto-home about 60mm above the center of the plate. Grrr…

Check the wireing. I had an issue where my bl touch wouldnt work correctly in a way i thought was firmware related. Much like your describing. Turns out i suck at dupont connectors. I think my issue was related to the brown wire, but dont quote me on that.

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I will give that a try. I want to flip it over anyway and take the bottom off to check the insides. I noticed yesterday when I was disconnecting and reconnecting wires that the Z wire coming out of the base seemed very loose inside the machine. It’s been working absolutely flawlessly up to this point. So who knows? Luckily I have two other PLA printers to get stuff done with as well as a resin printer, which is getting used more and more. The print quality is incredible - I do mostly figures, accessories and terrain pieces for gamers. And for our granddaughter who’s figured out that old pop can make some cool stuff.

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Good advice! It finally dawned on me to pull back the mesh covering on the wires at the hot-end. It took all of about two seconds to see what had happened. The new BL Touch was ordered, installed and the CR 10 is back up-and-running. Amazing how often what appear to be difficult problems have some pretty simple solutions.

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Glad to hear you got it figured out :slight_smile: fyi that is totally repairable.

Although, i suspect there was a story how that could have happened :wink:

I have no idea how those wires could have broken so cleanly…almost as if they’d been cut. Maybe they were like that all along and it just took a while for them to finally come apart.
Moral of the story…look for the obvious before running all kinds of Pronterface tests and taking the thing apart.

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