CR-10 Smart making a distinct click noise around a certain point

My printer seems to be making a very distinct click sound around this certain point. I’m not sure what it is but it’s hella annoying. It’s like the endstop but its no where close to it. It just started around 2 prints ago and don’t know what the hell happened.

Thanks for your help in advance

Could be the dreaded extruder skipping. Check your hotend and make sure it isn’t partially plugged.

Already checked. It’s coming from around the y axis stepper

Is the Y axis shuddering or jumping around when moving?

No, it seems to be moving smoothly but it just makes the sound at certain points

Check your belt tension, just in case it is slipping and causing the stepper to skip.

I’ll check again but I think they’re tight

Possibly a bad stepper or driver. Is it still printing OK?

Yeah, there’s no difference in quality

Welcome to the Twilight Zone.

exactly xd

it went away xd amazing