CR-10 Smart Upgrades

Hey fellow CR-10 Smart users
I’m blaze, one of the people here with the CR-10 Smart. I’ve had my printer for around 8 months now and have modded my printer a bunch of times. I’ve tried many upgrades, fried many motherboards and breakout boards and lost countless hours of my time working on this so lmk if you guys want a detailed guide on how to mod your CR-10 smart to become a work horse.
Here’s a current photo of my printer:

A few upgrades I’ve done are:

  • Direct Drive Conversion
  • BMG Clone
  • All metal hotend
  • CHT nozzle
  • 5015 part cooling + new duct
  • better hotend fan duct
  • PEI bed
  • Manual bed leveling
  • Cable chain on X axis
  • Top mounted spool holder + dual spool holders
  • klipper + sonic pad
  • voron expander
  • LED strips
  • Buzzer

I plan on upgrading this more. Some possible upgrades are:

  • LGX Direct drive
  • copper heatblock
  • new Y axis motor (more force/speed)

Let me know if you guys want more info about my printer and what i’ve done and tried on it!

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Oh yeah, most of these upgrades work on the CR-6 SE and CR-6 Max aswell

HI @blaze Thank you so much for your information. Looks like you have a real work horse there now. You have touched on all the areas of the 10 that needed work. Nice job!

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Thank you Jason! I still have a long way before this printer is what I need it for! Currently, it can print most materials which don’t need an enclosure and is able to print them decently fast at around 200mm/s on the infill and 120mm/s inner walls. The print quality is amazing/

Pushed it soo hard it spit out a 17 min benchy!
Got a 15 min one but layer shifts

amazing, thats the point when you know you are running it at its max. 17min is an impressive benchy time.

managed to get a 3rd mcu and get a 60w heater and T-D500 for the hotend. Also got a bimetal heatbreak and copper heatblock

impressive. I’m lucky if I push past 30 mm/s atm for print speed, but my CR10 smart pro is stock, and other than having to use glue stick on the PEI sheet, I’ve not done anything else as yet. Maybe a future winter’s weekend project. :wink:

haha with the sprite, you should be able to push faster than my speeds on stock. just make sure your belts are tightened properly

Here’s also something I managed to get setup
its bltouch on a cr 10 smart non pro

Nice. I set one up on my daugther’s GeeTech I3 but never got it to properly handle it as the Z axis stop that it has to replace on that system. I’ll get back to it on a long winter’s night one day.

Quick update on the printer.

I decided to remove both the extra MCUs and just got a mosfet to run the heater and reverted back to the strain gauge. Still getting perfect first layers. I also got a Orbiter V1.5.

Few updates on the printer. Nothing big but want to keep ya’ll posted

  • Removed bottom panel on the printer
  • Changed out the front panel for a vented one
  • Filament sensor shat itself so ordered a orbiter filament sensor (Should come in jan)

Thanks for the helpful ideas about upgrades to the Cr10 Smart. Would you be willing to share where you found the parts. I had a recent clog that pretty much destroyed my hotend and thought it would be a good time to upgrade some components… maybe even the extruder assembly. I’ve read somewhere that the microswiss hotend is a decent upgrade… what do you think?
Thanks for any help you can provide!

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Hey Tfreeze, no worries! I found most of my parts on aliexpress and spool3d. 3d printing canada doesn’t have that many options for our printers. I wouldn’t go the route of a microswiss hotend as it is pretty overexpensive for what it is and our printers don’t support it. I would get a new heatbreak and hotblock off aliexpress and get a orbiter v2 or a sherpa mini. Both are excellent options. If you come across parts for a Cr-6 SE or cr-6 max, they fit ours too! Let me know if you have any questions

Hi Blaze! Thank you for responding to my questions. I will definitely look into those extruders. Do you recommend a specific Heatbreak and Block that would be better than the stock… Actually having trouble finding the oem version… or really anything other than the microswiss that says it will work for Cr-10 Smart. Thank you again!