CR-10 V2 Fan Noise

I try to find a good solution to reduce the fan noise from control box and its very confusing…
Any proven solution on V2?
i read few and watched few videos but its confusing as some says it works on V2 control box and others say it does not…

If any one has replaced fan in control box any help is appreciated…

No one ? i am surprised.

You could install a fan controller to help modulate its speed, or move your control board to a custom case with a different sized fan.

I want to replace stock noisy fans

Well i dont have a cr 10, so my assistance is limited.

Are you trying to just replace them as theyre failing? or do you want to try changing them to something else for noise reduction?

I also don’t know much about them. Noctua fans are some of the better quieter units. If you can find the comparable one I would spend the money to replace them.

@daffod @Dr.Marvin @kitedemon

Good day you guys, great news for this post! As per the Summer 2021 Wishlist we have Sunon MagLev Fans on the way soon to the Store Front!!

Try Clicking: Search: 2 results found for "Sunon" – 3D Printing Canada

it will give you Products like:

@Keith what comes with this fan? Is it similar to the Noctua fans, with mounting and cabling adapters?

It’s the Fans and Wires. We’ve asked for some with 2pin JST-XH and Some with Bare Leads

The ones with Bare leads I felt would be more universal for people’s needs, better value for the customers in the end

No Need to Speed reducer cables. They just cause heat creep in the Heat brake anyhow…
= wasted Costs for the Customer

For people needing JST-XH:

For People needing JST-SM:

For People needing DuPont:

For People needing: JST-PH:

For People Needing JST-SYP:

i did my own DYI and costed me less than few bucks. Got the 40 x 40 x 10 computer fans 2 for $14 bucks and used buck transformer for 5 bucks. Printed the base and remove the power supply cover and this baby is now quiet as it can get. No heating up or no loud noise. i checked the temp and air flow its amazing.