CR-10 V2 Out of the box Hot Bed Failed

Got a brand new from Creality Store, put it together and no heat to bed.
Checked following

  1. No lose connections anywhere
  2. No continuity on hot bed from mother board (seems faulty wiring harness).
  3. 24 V is there on mother board for heating but from connector to bed there is no power.
  4. NO issues with Nozzle Temp, XYZ movement etc.
  5. I checked from harness connector to bed soldering there is no continuity on my multimeter.
    I think the faulty harness is causing this.
    Is there anything else i am missing?

Nope. sounds like you’ve found it.

It’s under warranty so fiddle at your own risk.

I don’t know what the connectors look like, but if you are comfortable with removing the pins from it, check to make sure they are properly crimped. I’ve seen cases (Canadian Tire automotive jumper cables) where they don’t even bother to strip the insulation from the wire and just hope the force of crimping it will pierce the insulation. I’ve also seen cases where over-zealous crimping severs the wire. I’m betting it’s not a difficult fix, but depending on the attitude of the company, any signs of tampering can be used as an excuse to void the warranty so proceed accordingly.

I wish I had sent back my sidewinder when I found the first issue. I ended up voiding the warranty and replacing 1/2 to 1/3 of the printer. I came close to doubling the printers cost in the process.

i just msg Creality …with pictures if they don’t send me new hot bed, i will throw away printer and file PayPal dispute and get my money back from my bank or PayPal.

They want to see video… its so silly if i have to show them 24V on board i need my two hands to put probes on multimeter. do i have a third hand to shoot video?

Creality is getting worst. I will go away from them now.

I got resin printer came in with broken screen and they gave me run around so i disputed the payment. i don’t waste my time.

Obviously the solution is to get someone to hold the phone for you or prop it up on something but I feel your frustration.
I had a problem last week with a vendor of a 3D Pen that was dead on arrival. They too wanted a video. It’s completely dead: what is there to see? Did they think I’m trying to get a replacement because I enjoy wasting my time, or did they just think I didn’t have enough intelligence to plug it in and push the “on” button? It’s almost insulting.
I ended up shooting their video only to find Amazon’s vendor messaging service wouldn’t let me post it. So I put it on YouTube and sent the link. The vendor claimed Amazon stripped the link. I broke the link up but the vendor said they couldn’t find the video (although it did get one view). Then they wanted pictures.
Meanwhile the Amazon return window is ticking down to 0. So on the last day I sent it back and ordered another one. Amazon refunded my money literally the afternoon I put it in the mail. Apparently they don’t wait for it to get back to their warehouse. They supply the refund as soon as their label gets scanned by the Post Office.

It’s for that reason that I prefer to buy stuff from Amazon.

Anyway, my issues aside, don’t give up on the printer. Keep pestering them. And for heaven’s sake, don’t throw the printer away or if you do, throw it my way :slight_smile:

i did one resin printer. gone in electronic recycle place brand new in box. with broken screen.
I will never buy any thing from their store. i will buy amazon or local.
there is always excuse with them. PayPal was kind enough and issued me refund, they don’t even contest PayPal disputes because they know these Built on printer cost them less than 150 bucks and they sell for $600+ so margins make up their losses. if one in five is bad its not worth for them to fight PayPal.

It took them 40+ days to send me hot bed and now printer is working good as i did additional mod of direct drive. No stringing on PETG and no issues wats so ever but i hate the fan noise on this machine from control box.