CR-10 V3 Filament Runout Sensor Worn -> Jammed

My CR-10 V3 started jamming recently. It’s never had an issue before now. I first I did all the usual checks. I even suspected some dimensional problems with the filament I was using. But after attempting to eliminate all possibilities, I realized it was the filament runout sensor causing the jam, because 1) it seemed to be impeding the flow of the filament and 2) it finally jammed completely. A piece of filament has broken off inside and won’t come out. I don’t want to force it too much.

I’ve noticed that the brass insert has worn from the abrasive filaments that I use, which is probably why the poor flow/jamming started. I’ve the removed filament sensor for the moment until I can get the filament out, but then I’m likely to have the same problem if I clear it (see wear photos). I’m wondering if I have to buy another sensor or is this repairable?

Can Creality replace it under warranty, or is it my fault for using so much abrasive PC/CF filament?

You can always ask Creality, but in my humble opinion, you can’t expect them to guarantee compatibility with anything but basic filament. There are simply too many variables in different filament to design a system that can handle them all without wear, short of using aluminum oxide on everything.

If you haven’t already, I’d suggest you go through the rest of your filament path from the extruder gears through the print head to the nozzle and inspect everything. If your runout sensor has this much wear, other parts can’t be far behind.

I’ve seen pictures of nozzles destroyed by filament. Of course, that’s why they make hardened steel and ruby nozzles, but it’s funny how they don’t seem to make hardened anything anywhere else.

I used hardened steel nozzles on all my printers because I use so much abrasive filament. The rest of the filament path is fine including the nozzle. I saw that someone on another forum with the same issue (it’s not an uncommon problem) had moved the sensor under the spool more directly using a custom bracket to ensure that filament is able to move down without too having to be pulled across and through the sensor, as the manufacturer has arranged it - that’s why the wear is on one side. I’m reasonably certain that Creality won’t replace it, but it might be worth a go anyway. I’ll get another one whatever the outcome and try the aforementioned solution.

@Aussiemandias I’d ask creality. I would also order a replacement anyway. If you are running abrasives like that this will not be your last replacement. I didn’t like the hardened steel nozzle so I use stainless steel, and pop a new one in when it starts stringing. I need a filament sensor it was 10$.