Cr 10s Direct Drive

I was wondering if anyone had any tips for installing a microswiss Direct Drive on the Cr 10s Pro.

Hi Lucas

We do have a video on our youtube channel that you may find helpful

Are you having any specific issues or just looking for a general install guide?
I know this is the fan duct PJ usually uses

The fan duct was my main issue as I wasn’t sure if the ender 3 one would work for the Cr10s

the duct on the satsana has a version specifically for the larger blower fan so it should be the solution for you.

Perfect thank you

I finally got around to assembling the direct drive and realise the fan duct you told me to use doesn’t have a spot for the BL touch.

Hi Lucas

I apologize, There are quite a few remixes out there, Sent the link for the wrong one, Here is the correct one

Thanks but as my printer is in pieces I was wondering if I could get you guys to print it and I’ll come pick it up.

Usually, PJ has a few printed up already. but right now we are out of them.

I just asked him to print a couple this evening so we should have 1 ready tomorrow for you.

Thank you. I should be able to make it up tomorrow or Wednesday

cool, Reach out to me or PJ first just to make sure it finished without a failure. PJ is pretty well in the store on his own now and over the summer.

Ok will do