CR 10S Pro min temp error

I am getting a Min Temp error every time I try to set the temperature of the nozzle. I have replaced mother board, breakout board, heater cartridge, and thermistor. The only thing else is the ribbon cable that goes from the mother board to the breakout board and I can’t find one.

When you turn the printer on does it read the ambient room temperature correctly or is it a weird number?

It reads -15, so yes a weird number. I changed the thermistor.

It reads a weird number, but I had already changed the thermistor and it still reads -15

There’s probably a broken conductor in the ribbon cable.

Can you check the continuity of each pin in the ribbon cable?

I found the problem $100+ unneeded purchases later. Bad thermistor and the idiot plugged the new one put in the wrong receptacle. It goes in the one labeled TH1, duh. Moral of the story research, research, test, test, read.

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Glad you figured it out!

Things happen, I just finished converting my voron 0.1 to a 0.2 this weekend. I can’t tell you how many times I check that the polarity of everything was correct and that everything was in the right spot. I think I probably did it 3-5 times when crimping, then another 2 times when plugging everything in. Then god knows how many other sanity checks I made along the way.

Was this excessive? Maybe, probably, but I did get it all right first try :grin: