CR-10S PRO V2 - BLT Offset not found

Hey guys!

First off I want to say thanks for this amazing video: INSTALLING A MICRO SWISS DIRECT DRIVE ON CR-10S PRO V2 - YouTube
I’ve followed it all the way to the end, and even rigged it to print the fan shroud half way through since this upgrade was caused by the boden tube failing :sweat_smile:

Anyway, I have the drive on, I have the fan shroud on, I have the BLTouch connected, and it is functioning to an extent. The BLTouch works and is registering as it should, when it actually touches the build plate. However the offset for it in the default firmware from TM3D linked below is not correct. It is assuming the BLT is on the right side of the extruder, where the fan shroud used in the video has it on the left. (which, btw, the link is no longer in the description of the video and it took me a good 45 minutes to find it)

Using the firmware linked by TM3D here: CR-10S PRO Firmware - Google Docs
(Option C: CR-10S Pro V2 Z+ port used)

I can’t seem to set the BLTouch offset on the printer, and so it runs off the side and front of the bed when leveling. I’m not seeing any links to firmware to download, I did find GitHub - InsanityAutomation/Marlin at CrealityDwin2.0_Bleeding but it doesn’t seem to have the same platformio.ini file where you can select the printer type, as shown in the video

I need a firmware that has the correct BLT offset built into it, or I need to know where the files in the video are to download and compile it, since that seemed to have the right offset, likely along with the correct screen firmware to pair with it.

Any help here would be appreciated! Everything is working except for the BLT now that I updated this firmware and now it seems kaput until I can get the BLT offset fixed :frowning:

Hi @Kye

Thanks for posting, Glad you are having some upgrade success.

The easiest way I find to set up my Z offsets is to use the M851 command.

Here is a link to the dictionary for it.

It has a very good explanation of positive over negative values and where you “move” the BLtouch.

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Thanks for replying!
I was able to set this with a Cura post processing script and it works beautifully. :smile:

Now I need to re-calibrate all my filament profiles for the direct drive.

NIce, that’s awsome to know, Glad you got it worked out.