CR-10S Pro V2 nozzle weirdness?

So I just picked up my first 3D printer, a CR-10s Pro V2. I purchased a set of official Creality MK6 nozzles at the same time that I bought the printer, and went to swap out the original nozzle just to try a different size.
First thing I discovered, the nozzle in the unit and the new ones take a different sized wrench, with the original unit being a fair bit bigger. I compared the threads though, and they seem to be the same size and length. However, when I go to thread the “new” nozzle in, it only goes about half the distance that the original did in to the heating element. I had the nozzle heat up to about 200 degrees when I tried to snug the nozzle down. It was definitely tight and would not go further in without applying a ridiculous amount of force.
Once I fired the printer up again, the “new” nozzle prevents the head from coming down far enough for the BL Touch to activate, so the printer work. If I swap back to the original nozzle, all is good again.

Is there something I’m missing here?

While the thread size may appear the same, is the thread length the same?

I have NOT taken the time to read and watch this yet, but it may apply to you:

If you want to save a lot of grief, change the hotend to the Micro Swiss all metal hotend. It will change your nozzle size to the standard MK8, then you can use all the different sizes and stainless or hardened.

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