CR-10s Pro v2 - Y0 at edge of bed

Hey folks,

Since going to the Tiny Machines firmware, my Y0 position is right at the far edge of the bed. When I go to Y300, there’s still 30mm of bed remaining from the nozzle to the back of the build plate. Also, when I go to AUX levelling to manually check my level, the nozzle ends up sitting just a couple mm back from the outer edge of the plate, instead of nearly over the screw location.

G28 X0 Y0 brings me to the edge of the build plate.

Any ideas on how to reset it to the standard values in the stock firmware without having to actually go back to stock?

Hi @jklane

Have you attempted to adjust the M851. When you adjust this you can “shift” the postion of the BLtouch in relation to the nozzle. I would check this first. Usually there is a number setup here to make the BLtouch home probe in the center of the bed instead of the nozzle being at the center of the bed and making the BLtouch Left side heavy.

Hey @Jason

I have but it doesn’t help. The more I play with it, the more it seems like the defined points for the bed are misaligned. It’s like the entire definition of the bed has shifted to the left and front.

When I attempt an auto level, the first point is at the bare edge of the left side of the plate, and only a couple mm from the front, and continues from there. There is a wide strip - I’m going to do exact measurements later, but I’m estimating approximately 25mm - on the right and the back of the bed that isn’t touched.

I’ve attempted a bed levelling print that I have used with my CR10 forever on the stock firmware and extruder, and that shows the same position shift.

oh gotcha, I understand. Yes without the offset this is the case. Its ususally described as the probing is left side Heavy. Meaning that it favors the Left side of the bed rather than probing all over. Its a disadvantge of having to mount the probe to the left of the right of the nozzle. When you home your printer does the probe end up in the middle of the bed or does the Nozzle end up there?

Depends on the firmware rev it may not accept the M851 I would try the alternative of M206. Make sure you reset the M851 back to zero so they do not affect each other. If that does not work Run an M503 and post the results up there and I can have a look for you.

I did get the M851 / M206 worked out to resolve the problem. Now I have a new problem I’m about to make a new post for. Print aborts partway through.

thats awsome, Not about the new problem of course, but one problem at at time we will solve em…

Looking for the next one…