CR 10S Pro X axis homing in wrong direction

I got my CR 10S pro back from a thermistor failure and tried to home the axes. The first time the X and Y axes homed correctly, but when the BL Touch probe touched the bed, the Z didn’t stop and slammed into the bed. Of course, I shut the power off.

I tried homing again from the Z raised high enough to test the BL Touch without hitting the bed, but the X goes the opposite direction and slammed into the right side. I am running Tiny Machine Marlin V 7.6.

I am going to re-flash, but in the meantime any ideas?

Are the cables installed correctly? If they are backwards it will run in revers or if they incorrect one in the wrong port it is not run the correct access.

That was it. +x was plugged into-x. No excuse.

Easily done!