CR-10Smart Issues

Hey All,

We purchased a Cr-10Smart in Feb. We’ve had multiple issues but the main ongoing issue is an abnormal temp sensor error. I had dropped the machine off and was told that our sensor was bad… not even 2 hours after the new sensor was installed… abnormal temp sensor error. This only started after a firmware update but i cant say thats the issue after the tech said he found an issue with the sensor.

Im at a loss… Any ides? Any news on another firmware update?

I don’t own a CR10. I have a sidewinder made by Shenzhen 3dtechology co ltd. the parent of most of the cheap 3d printer companies. I had odd readings and such that I traced to bad wiring. It could easily be firmware but I would just peek at wiring and connections mine was all held together by hot melt glue (not scalastic) and JST connectors were mismatched and forced together held with glue. Take a peek it is more serious than a sensor it is a fire hazard.

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HI @TheMaskguy

Glad you found us. Usually, if the thirm is bad usually solves the issue if it’s replaced, It’s possible it may be a bad wire or something like that. Have you tried to PID tune the printer and see if it gets any better/worse?

I know it’s an odd question but is the head in any particular position when the error occurs? front or back, Left vs right?

This would help to guide toward a wiring issue or not. What version of firmware do you have on the printer. I have used 1.13 on a couple of printers here with great success, Its released only about a month and seems to have gotten rid of most of the common issues.

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