CR-10sPRO V2 CoreXZ Mod

I have just finished my V0 build and have been looking at the SwitchWire, however, I already have cr10, has anyone done a corexz conversion? i think I might try to undertake this challenge in the coming weeks(Once i am 100% confident in my V0s reliability)

Question on your Voron build - did you go the Aliexpress route and get a full kit or part it out yourself? Trying to decide how to begin.

I went the Ali express way, via FormBot 3dprint Store. for the most part, i am happy with going that route. However, they were out of the LDO NEMA 14 that they normally stock so I got some no-name with no datasheet from them instead. They did tell me before shipping and I was impatient and accepted it. in retrospect, I should have asked for a discount and had them ship with no motors because I have now purchased the spec ones from another site. it also did not include magnets for the doors. and i think the idler bearings are the wrong type but I have not had an issue yet.
All in all I would go this way again 95% of what was sent was very good and it saved me having to source hard to get/expensive to get parts in Canada.
I did print all the parts myself out of eSun CF-PA since I can’t print ABS yet. and to be honest, it’s the best/easiest material I have ever used!

PM me if you have any issues during your build!

@msteele999 May I request you DON"T PM each other with build issues. Keeping it in an open forum is how the rest of us learn! My Frankenprinter project might benefit from your collective experience. It’s my second time building a printer. The first was a laser cutter / engraver. The Frankenprinter is being sourced from stuff I already have in stock as well as raiding 3DPCs clearance pages. I’m still on the fence as to whether I should go the standard route or coreXY. Anyway. I haven’t said much, but I’ve been following you both with interest.