Cr-20 hotend leaking

Hi, so I have a cr-20 pro with plastic oozing out of the top the heat block. It’s only 2 months old but I also have a frankenstein ender 3 that is beyond repair. Could I use the hotend from the ender 3 and install it on the cr-20 pro? If not…does anyone know which part i need to buy from 3dpc?

this is typical of stock hot ends if you don’t do regular maintenance as soon as you see under extrusion you have heat creep way to solve this is what the micro Swiss direct drive or some sort of all metal hotend I personally love the micro twister at drive because it’s easy to install and works well having an all metal heat break once heat tightened together makes it impossible to get heat creep you can still get jams if you’re overextruding because the hot filament can push its way up into the cold zone so extrusion multiplier tests like Hollow cubes are extremely important when dialing filament I always recommend doing test prints to dial each filament you have

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Ok I’ll check them out thanks