CR-20 PRO issues

Does anyone know how to manually level the bed on the cr-20 pro? The left side of the bed is way lower than the right side. I tried tightening the screws on the right side of the x gantry but it didnt make much of a difference. Please help. Havent had a 100% successful print since i bought it at 3dpc over the holidays.

Hi Alex

Sorry your having issues, in a couple of extreme cases I’ve had to print shims to level the bed, for the most part its usually been a loose bolt on the v wheels or a wheel that was bad.

If you do a g29 from the console and get the output you can see how bad the twist actually is

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Could it be x gantry sagging? I had to loosen-level-tighten the x gantry right side to fix my bed leveling issues.