CR 5 Pro -Issues with mainboard

Hi All, Several months ago I purchased a Creality CR-5 H Pro directly from Creality. I only got to setting it up about 3 or 4 weeks ago now and immediately began having issues. First thing I noticed was that the dongle for BL Touch was bent. I let Creality know and they said they’d send a new unit. I then realized the reason it was bent was that the Z-Axis stop wasn’t working. Because of the high temp of the printer, it looks like it was coated with a hard substance so I couldn’t check continuity. Again updated Creality. So finally put the printer on it’s back (weighs north of 70 lbs (Steel chassis and case)) and took the bottom panel off to access the main board. They had all of the cables tie wrapped somewhat sloppily and I noticed a connector in the group of wires. Found that it was the Z Axis wires. Plugged them in after doing a bit of research to ensure I was plugging in the correct place, but found after putting everything together that it still doesn’t work. Let Creality know and sent pictures before removing the tie wraps. I am really hoping they send a main board. I have a feeling that although it wasn’t marketed as such that it was a refurb unit. I’ve been searching the internet just in case a new board isn’t included. The board is marked version 2.5 and doesn’t look anything like any of the boards for other printers. Does anyone know where I might source one of these?

You can find this board on Aliexpress and Amazon. But why do you think the mainboard is the problem?

Usually if you have a CR/BL touch installed then the Z axis limit switch is unplugged because the Cr Touch is now the limit switch. If that plug is for the limit switch it should probably be unplugged again. That doesn’t help with the original problem though.

Wow, Mind Blown. Limit switches to me are always a failsafe. They are employed to stop a runaway situation. Sorry, 17 years of aviation where limit switches served that exact purpose even though in most cases, whatever was moving (Horizontal stab for example) would stop before the stop was contacted.
Having said that, Since the bed moves up, and has to be in such close proximity, that level of adjustment isn’t possible. Again, you’d think that Creality might have explained that after sending pictures and video showing me clicking the limit switch and having nothing happen.
I’ll wait for the new BL Touch and see what happens. Thanks so much for your explanation.
Appreciate you.

In a sense the limit switch or CR Touch is a failsafe switch because without it the print head could keep going and try and drive itself through the printer bed.