CR-5s board malfunctioning

Hey group,
I’m new to the forum here and looking for solid advice. I had a board fan quit while doing a large print and now is malfunctioning miserably so probably fried it. It now shows on controller that temps are at high levels even though its cold. This CR-5s printer was purchased in Jan of 2020 but parts are slim to none to be found anywhere. ( Go figure that one ) :roll_eyes:
Is it possible to buy a board and controller from another more current model and upgrade it? Any advice on what to buy as this unit has been modified from a dual extruder to single now. The bed print area is 300w x 225l x 320h if that makes a difference on board choice. This was an expensive printer at $1800.00 so I would rather try modify it to get operational if at all possible.
I was looking at the CR-5 Pro board and looks almost identical but no one can confirm if it would work or not.
Thanks for any help anyone can give me.

HI @Trigger

Welcome to the forum, Glad you found us. Hope to see you here often.

You actually have a couple of options for that board, Just depends on your comfort level.

If you are OK with building your own firmware you can jump into a BTT mini E3 V3.

Originally your board was a V2.2, the silent version of it V2.2.1.

Does not matter what machine you buy it for as long as the version number is correct you can download the firmware from creality and reflash it.

Links are below from our store.
Original board

Silent board upgrade

Creality Firmware download

BTT E3 board, you will have to make your own firmware.

Hope this helps

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Thank you very much Jason. :smiley:
This is greatly appreciated and looks like the silent board is the way to go. This should tame the noise level down and allow BL touch to be added. Just looking at the board I know I have to get crafty as the outlay of SD card slot and USB differ in original exit locations but no problem.
Couple questions for you.
For BL touch is this the one to get–> BL touch
Will this work with V2.2.1 and your thoughts on it? Touch Pad
Is this another option for control unit → Touch screen
Thanks for your help…

Hi Trigger

Yes, the BLtouch is the correct one, Just make sure you pick up the cable you need as well, Something like the SMXD2000 should do ok.

I have not installed a touchpad yet however from the reviews I have seen people are quite impressed with them. Able to see a small pic of your print before you print it and all.

I have installed the touch screen on the E3 V2 and had no issues with it at all, Was actually quite happy with it. I know I had one customer trying to install the touch screen on the print mill and had some issues with it, Not sure what the final resolution to it was although I suspect it was firmware related. The firmware for the touch screens is a little hard to find on the creality website. ONce you get it I got it to work without an issue.

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Thanks again Jason.
I will look into all the parts needed to make this happen.
I was almost at the point of ordering the Ender 3 V2, which I may still do later on as it has good silent board, touch screen and reviews. I will update the post after I am back up and running with success hopefully.
Cheers! :love_you_gesture:

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anytime, You will always find me lurking around :interrobang:


Hey Jason,
Well I do have to thank you for all the advice as I was able to get up and running with the V.2 silent board. Crazy though I had to reverse all my motors and change multiple connectors to acheive this. I ended up getting the BL touch 3.1, got it all installed but when it came to firmware that was a problem I encountered. So I installed the CR-5s firmware from the creality site under enclosed series firmware and that got me up and running, then looking for BL touch firmware under 8 bit accessory firmware it does not show a CR-5s firmware there.
Technically this is not a CR10 or is it? so what does a guy use then?
Any thoughts or am I missing something. Thx

HI @Trigger

Glad you got it up and running, Changing motors and the like unfortunately does not surprise me. I can technically put a 4.2.2 board in an ender 5Pro but the same thing, Reverse motors and the like, Quite a pain really.

If it was me I would bite off the old Firmware nugget and chew for a bit. It’s a pretty foreboding process but once it’s up and running it’s quite satisfying. the huge plus to it is you now have the raw firmware to modify as you need to.

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HI @Jason
Yes, that is one thing I was poking around in was starting to look into modifying firmware. Seems pretty intense for info and script, I am sure that a big learing curve awaits me. I guess lots of You-tubing is in my near future to perfect this 3D thing but, it sure is a great way to kill time. :beers:

It looks like a pretty foreboding process but most of it is setup pretty logically. There are areas that say “don’t modify this section” It’s pretty self-explanatory. There are really only 2 files you ever need to modify the config.h and the config_adv.h.

As someone that still follows the rule, Only modify one or two parameters at a time and compile to ensure you haven’t introduced an error you should be ok.

If you want to look at some good YouTubers on firmware look to Teaching Tech, Chris’s basement, and CHEP. All have a solid safe way of going about making firmware and will walk you through the process on a particular printer.

I will be honest though The most painful part is getting VScode set up and working properly, Just take your time, add the plugins that are recommended and the first time you load your firmware, Select your proper control board and try to build it right away with no options selected/Modified. once you get the first one to go properly rest is pretty easy.

Sorry for the long-winded answer but you will do well with it.

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