Cr-m4 new can't get it to print correctly

New machine just bought it. Did everything on videos for selecting it up and still stringing and z offset is terrible.

Hi there,

It certainly seems as though there are some issues with the z-offset! When you did the leveling procedure on the printer was the bed warm or was it cold?


I agree it sure looks like z offset. I would suggest clean the bed thoroughly with Isopropanol alcohol (rubbing alcohol high percentage 80% +) We see a lot of 70% sanitizer grade these days it has too much water to work well IMO.

After it is clean and dry bring the bed to temp and start levelling again.

Often people use thin cheap papers. I am going to suggest this is too close I think a non premium business card works better. This varies with the nozzle diameter as well, but I assume you are using a 0.4mm?

Yes using a 4 . Also I can print the rabbit just fine from the usb. But anything else from creailty print nothing works stringing and clumping. I changed nothing .

Hey there,

Do you happen to have any pictures of the stock rabbit print from the printer? Maybe there is something on it that we could notice.


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