CR10-s Po V2 direct drive hot end

Hi all.
With my CR10-S Pro V2 I keep running into problems with clogging in the hot end, usualy just above the heat break. I’ve installed a Micro Swiss hot end and it still hapens.
Now I’m thinking of installing a direct drive hot end, but don’t know which one.
Does anybody have a good suggestion for a simple and reliable direct drive?

Just an fyi. A direct drive wont nessisarily fix your clogging. Its sounding like either heat creep, or your retractions are off.

That being said microswiss has a direct drive setup.

You’ve obviously made sure the air flow for the hot-end cooling fan is clear, both at the inlet and the outlet? Also, that the fan is running at full speed and not being slowed down by dust, hairs or wisps of filament?

@LEGOManiac cleaned both fans thouroughly. At the moment it’s running perfectly, but I want to avoid future problems. :grin:

Is it a lined heat break. It could be the liner is bad or not long enough. I am Dr Marvin. It doesn’t sound like a drive issue at all.

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You might very well be right. But in my opinion, the shorter the travel way of the filament between extruder and hot end, the less chance of it develloping a klot.
But then again, I might be wrong. :laughing:

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In my experience pushing or pulling filament does not really effect jams. I have two of each. The big difference is printing complex filaments.

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One of the first upgrades I’ve started doing with my machines is to change it to a Capricorn tubing. I’ve found that because of the heat creep, the tip going into the nozzle gets smaller over time and causes it to jam more often. I’d do a cold pull first before doing an installation. I had to do this upgrade shortly after changing to an all metal hot end.