CR10 Smart SD Card Reader Failure

My SD card reader on my CR10 Smart has been failing. By this I dont mean that it isnt reading it, it is, but when it is inserted it slips out over a period of a few minutes during a print and the print fails. I bought another creality SD card reader only to find out that the stock SD reader is hardwired to the motherboard… So I am curious if there are any other solutions short of replacing the entire motherboard (Which I would rather get a new printer if this is the case)

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See the previous comments but I would recommend swabbing the connector pins with isopropanol and try a new SD card - remember to get a known brand (Sandisk and Lexar seem to be the ones that people agree are superior) at a major chain that will work to buy cards from “known” suppliers (Staples, Best Buy, Canada Computers and The Source).

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I’ve tried multiple SD Cards, like I mentioned it does read the file from the SD card but then it ‘slips’ out and disconnects. I will try a different brand (Sandisk).
I will definitely try swabbing the connector pins as well thank you

For future reference you can get a plug in card slot reader that fits into the onboard slot. That way if the slot fails you won’t have damaged the MB and the plug in reader can be replaced for about $10CDN


Maybe add a small latch, like on old floppy drives, on the outside of the case to hold the card in. You could have it 3D printed, LOL.

masking tape

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