CR10s 12v 32bit MB upgrade

Going to upgrade my CR10s 12v MB and am curious as to what others have used as an upgrade. I know there are specific issues that have to be dealt with for each of the available boards. just looking for the least troublesome and best producing board up grades.

hey @Ugly1

for a more “universal” board, I would go with the BTT E3 V3. It’s the newest version of the E3 line and looks like a pretty killer board. They had some issues in the earlier revs but looks like they have cleaned that part up.

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Hey @Jason

How would the E3 V3 work since the display for the 10s requires two ribbon connections and the mini board only has the one. I would have to change out the display screen for a TFT no?

you could change it if you want, I thought that screen had an EXP3 on it in which can you can use it instead of EXP1 and 2. Sorry, that’s my bad.

You are correct you would have to change the screen to either a TFT of a Reprap style with an EXP3.

the direct replacement chart is included below

CR 10 (12 Volt)
V1.1.2, 1.1.3, 1.1 -.4 all options 8 bit (mostly) and none are silent
V1.1.5 - still 8 bit control board but silent upgrade
V4.2.7 - Full 32bit silent control board upgrade

Hope this helps

Creality also has a v2.2 which has silent stepper drivers 2208 I believe. But it is also an 8 bit board.

I found 2 ways to go for a 32 bit board with only one display port.

  1. TH3D offers a 2 into 1 dual LED board
  2. Creality actually has a 2 into 1 ribbon cable
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I did not realize creality had an adapter, we don’t have it here but will deff look into having a few around

Sorry Jason its not a creality adapter it is from BigTree Tech for the SKR board but the connector looks the same. Might have to get it to verify that it fits

I can send a link for you to see if you’d like

for sure, I will take that one

Other option is the SKR 1.4 Turbo. But have not heard to many things about it in the CR10s

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