CR10s Pro BLTouch Installation Help!

Hey All!

I’ve been trying to see how to install a BLTouch for my CR10S Pro since my inductive sensor just gave up on me and made my printer head crash onto my bed… Anyone got any guide on how to get this installed? I saw that on a CR10s Pro V2 you’ll have to update the LCD Firmware as well as the printer firmware but have to do it correctly or it’ll fry it out. The guide my 3D Printing Canada on YouTube is from 2019 and the flashing guide from that video is no longer found. Even on the Creality website the only software to download there is the BLTouch and I’m not too sure if that’s the way to go. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Just a note, this is the BLtouch that I am thinking of installing.

I’m sorry all… I didn’t read before I asked. This is the CR Touch not the BLTouch.

I guess my question should be is;

Has anyone installed this yet on a CR10s Pro? Any thoughts on this?

Ive installed the bl touch to my cr10spro. I just followed the video done by 3s printing canada. My biggest issue was bad wireing done by myself.

I dont have a “creality” model of 3d touch, but im 85% sure its a copy of the bl touch.

Well after some research. I found a reddit article that has some good points to check out.

So firmware wise, there seems to be legit stuff from creality. Look up cr touch in downloads.

Alternatively i dont see an issue with most firmwares that have the bl touch activated.

Your biggest concern should be that its wired correctly. My issue was in the dupont crimps i did wernt good.

If you have a specific question related to the wireing i can try and help explain it if needed.

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Thanks for all your info!

The problem that I’m having is that I’ve seen some people say that you don’t need the 32 Bit motherboard for it to be compatible due to the new release of firmware that Creality came out with. But then there’s others that says it does.

I guess my fear is trying a BLtouch and messing up my system when trying to flash for the firmware that’s why I was stoked to see that creality came out with their own. I thought it was an easy plug and play but I guess that’s only the case if I had an Ender 3.

I’ve tried emailing Creality twice now and haven’t gotten any response yet for any guide for a CR10s Pro CR Touch installation.

Would it be easier to buy a 32 bit motherboard for CR10s Pro? If all else fails, I’ll just bring my printer and get it installed by 3DPC

In the end its on you to either install it, or not. There is ALYWAYs a chance of it messing up, but being thorough i wouldnt expect any issues.

I dont see any hardware restrictions as to limit you from useing it, you just may need to break out the wires which isnt tricky. Just be sure of which wires are what.

Essentially (assumptions are made here) that it should be 5 wires. So a ground, signal, 5 volt, and 2 wires for the z minus indication. Id also assume those wires should be the same as the bl touch just different colours. So itll require some digging.

Im unsure of how to exatly identify each. On the bl and 3d touch probes its labeled on the board yourself, so you then just need to line them up to your control board.

Id think the only risk you may have is mixing up the 5 volt and signal wires, but im no electrical engineer.

Is your board a cr 3d v2.4? By anychance?