Cr10s pro Microswiss hotend

So i got my cr10s pro used with a filament blob on the mocroswiss hotend. The hotend would move side to side, so i assumed it was assembled incorrectly.

I cleaned it up. Perhaps i was a bit rough with the heater block but everything looked good to me.

I re-assembled it. Nozzle first, backed it off 1/4 turn, installed the heat brake till it was snug. Had to force the heater cartridge into the heater block, but its working.

As i look at the heat brake to the … Cooling fins? You know what i mean. The design looks like it dosent have much to grab and like it would allow the heater block to rotate. Anyway i attach the heater block, heat it up, tighten everything… It still rotates what feels to me is freely.

Is this normal?

As i attempt a benchy, i get another issue. My heat bed decided to turn off sometime in the first 30 minutes.

I re-slice, try again, same problem.

This is when i notice i have a small bit of filament leaking out the top of the heater block.

So now i tried retightening the hotend, nothing to tighten without breaking anything.

Is this rotation on the heater block normal… or have i done something wrong??

Im in the process of getting a new hotend as a spare, but currently only have the microswiss hotend to work with. Also im doubtful the heater cartridge is going to leave the heater block now.

I can’t address the Microswiss rotation problem, but:

Sounds like it is in Eco mode, assuming the CR10s is one of the printers with that “feature”. It can be turned off somewhere within the menu system.

Thanks, ill look into this “eco” mode in the morning… I wonder who thought turning the heat bed off halfway would be a hood idea. XD

It was eco mode that was my bed heating issue. Thanks @LEGOManiac

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