CR10S Pro v2 Print Bed Adhesion

Hey all,

I’ve been printing on an Ender 3 Pro for a few years with a glass bed and never really had any issues with print adhesion to the bed.

Just got my CR10S Pro v2 last week and I’m having trouble with getting adhesion on the print bed. Small sample prints - temperature towers, retraction towers, prints with a diameter of 100mm or so - have worked fine, but I have not been able to get anything with a larger footprint to maintain adhesion to the print bed.

I’ve ensured square on the axis, tuned and levelled based on videos, turned off the eco-mode, cleaned the bed with IPA, and also tried to use hairspray. But so far, I have six large footprint attempts, ranging from 50 - 80% of the build plate, that have failed, everywhere from first few layers to 20+ layers in.

I’ve got a glass bed on order, but I’m wondering if there’s anything else I can try while I’m waiting on it.

Any advice or direction would be appreciated.


If it is a metal flex bed, try the purple glue. Works well with most filaments.

Any time I have any adhesion issues on my Pro V2 I just turn up the bed temperature and extruder temperature by about 5 degrees for the first layer or two and then go back to normal. Generally good after that. In fact I have frequently had the opposite problem to you - things with a larger footprint have on occasion stuck so hard I thought I’d never get it off the bed.

Have you checked the bed for flatness? Something to think on if the bed is bowed or cupped might account for large print failure, where smaller ones are fine.

Any PVA glue (Elmer’s) will work fine but the Elmer’s purple glue is easier to see if you have ab even coat.

Wham Bam’s black pc flexible build surfaces have worked really worked well for me. Not something you mentioned, I know, but I figured I’d throw that out there. They are also quite cheap if ordered directly from Wham Bam.