Cr10s Pro v6 clone project

So im at my wits end with this printer. I keep having hotend issues, so im going to try my a e3d v6 clone.

Yes i know ill get what i pay for.

Anyway as this post develops ill put my build progress here

Currently i want to attach the new heater cartirdge to the breakout board, but the stock heater cartridge uses either a proprietary connector, or im unsure of what connector i need to crimp.

My question for the hive mind here is.

  1. Is there a reccomended connector to use? The stock connector looks like a upsized jxt connector. Which i have removed from the connector housing, but i cant uncrimp the connector.

  2. do i go with a butt connector and save the stock plug so i dont need to worry about connector compatabilities with the board.

Hey I would suggest going with genuine e3d I found them to be better than the clones anyway. I would convert to the e3d connector, Molex Microfit 3.0. Then the stock E3d parts are just plug and play.

My 2¢

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