CR10s5 with BLtouch won't move past bed levelling

Yesterday my printer was failing to home the Z axis. fiddling with the BLtouch probe overcame this issue, but now when it does the auto levelling it works it’s way through all 25 of the calibration locations. (it is a CR10s5) and then just sits at the last one (back far right corner) and doesn’t progress from bed leveling to printing.

Can you post a quick video showing us whats happening and what colours may or may not be blinking from the BLTouch?

I’ll just copy this from the previous thread. Have you looked into the four things I was pointing out?

I don’t own a CR10 so I’m taking educated shots in the dark. When I hear that a machine just sits there, it’s usually because some condition is not being satisfied (as was the original case), so that raises some questions:

  1. Is this problem repeatable? Have you restarted the machine and run the gcode again only to get to the same point?
  2. It could just be a coincidence that the bltouch stops at the 25th point. That on the BLTouch that was out of alignment the first time could be out of alignment again and it just happened to be on the last test point.
  3. Have you printed this particular gcode before? Gcode that contains an invalid command can, depending on the a given printer’s firmware, cause the rest of the gcode to be aborted so the printer protects itself from doing something stupid. Unfortunately, I’ve never heard of a firmware author writing “Defective GCode: aborting” on the display when this happens: they usually just fail silently. Try printing something you’ve printed before that you know works.
  4. When the BLTouch (another thing I don’t own) sits at the last test point, has it completed the test and raised the pin? I should probably have asked this earlier. here is a video of its back row of bed leveling.

OK. So that eliminates the BLTouch as the problem and the question of repeatability.

Are you able to print one of the sample prints that came with the printer? Or for that matter, anything else you’ve printed successfully before?

I ask this because I’ve seen cases where the gcode for a model is flawed and the printer refuses to print it. The next step would be to use the code for a model that you know works.

Ok this is weird. I just tried printing a couple files that were stalling at the end of the bed leveling and now they are starting to print. not sure why as nothing changed in the file or the printer.

it could be because your bed so far out of level that the probe airs it has to be within a certain amount of millimeters I think it’s 2 mm if it’s off by 2 mm somewhere it won’t start the print

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interesting thought. so loosing the bed a little to bring it up a couple mm might make it less likely to do this. I will keep this in mind if it presents the problem again. thank you.