CR10v2 upgrade Hemera

hello, I used your cr10v2 upgrade to Hemera + bltouch using your Merlin from Youtube, everything works fine, I only have one problem, I can’t print again after printing, I have to turn off the printer for about 5 minutes and after turning it on again I can’t print where you don’t know where could be a problem, thank you

Hi there. welcome. I think you’re trying to speak to support? There is community support bere and hopefully, someone can help you along but if it’s support for something you bought it might be best to contact 3DPC directly.

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OK, thank you

I’m confident PJ or Jason will be able to help here.

When they get into the office of course :slight_smile:

HI, @NoStress Welcome to the Forum, Glad you found us.

My Initial Knee jerk reaction on this is the end gcode error but just want to qualify what’s going on here.

When the print is complete does the screen just hang? cannot change screens or modify temps?

When you did the upgrade did you have to flash new firmware or just mod your M92?