CR20 levelling the bed

I own a Reality CR20 printer, and I’ve noticed that the bed is just slightly unloved. When I do my first layer, I notice that the top right hand corner is higher than the other three points, because the layer is always very faint in this area.

How to I lower that corner just slightly? Do I do it with the software and the dial controls, or do I have to physically lower that corner by adjusting the mounting posts?

Please reply, thanks.


I think I would try printing a first layer test print with a bunch of squares. I have one that has 15.
That should give you an idea if the bed gradually goes out of level or if it’s just that one point.
If it gradually goes out then you could try modifying the standoffs. On my cr20 I ordered in a pack of super thin shims to get it physically more level.

Once you get to really small differences it is better to fine tune with the printer settings because you’ll start chasing yourself in circles with shimming. You might be starting with a small difference to begin with so it might just be better to correct it with settings instead of shimming.

You could also entertain the idea of replacing the standoffs with leveling knobs and springs like on the ender.

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I would agree with Blair, Leveling the bed is difficult on the 20s. Usually, If I have one here that isn’t good, I will shim it off the stands until I can get it close.