Crappy extrusion with the CR6-SE?

So Sinister Gaming, on You tube, mentions he changed the cheapo plastic rextruder on his CR6-SE with the Mark 8 metal extruder which works even though it’s for an Ender 3. Anyonee here tried this? I am sorely tempted to fork out 15$ for this.

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Consider it an absolute must. I realise plastic extruders make a printer a few dollars cheaper to make, but with the crappy user experience they inevitably lead to, I’m left wondering why Creality would risk it’s reputation on saving a few bucks.

You can help 3DPC clear some shelf space by visiting their and getting one on clearance.

Note that there are left-hand and right-hand versions. It’s really an ergonomic choice. In my case, since I sit in front of the printer and the extruder is on the right-hand side, it’s easiest for me to use the right-hand variant.

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I replaced the extruder bowden tube one on my monoprice. It was dead easy as it sits on top of the stepper so all the mounting holes are universal. I used an MK8 one. It was a bit fiddly to get the tension correct but once done it has been fine ever since. The crumby plastic one it came with broke twice before I switched.

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So I did it with the help of my youtube guru’s. Fat Dragon Games actually showed me how. Sinsister Gamin just showed it once installed.

So I decided to start with cleaning filament for a print test. I usually use between 30 and 50mm of cleaning filament.

Man-o-man. I asked for 50mm of extrusion and my printer yelled at me in Jack Nicholson’s voice :
«50mm?!? You can’t handle 50mm’s!” I propose that life is better when you choose to handle the 50mm’s.»

I mean you hsould have seen the filament shooting out of there. I almost cried!

I am now printing a small upright sarcophagus and right with the skirt you can see the difference. you can’t see the lines it looks so smooth.

I’m in love with my printer again.

What do you use for “cleaning filament”?

I bought this form 3DPC. It is a soft filament that cleans gunk stuck in the heatblock. I use it when I change spools of after a clog. Specially if you chand type or color of filament.

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You can also use nylon left be become water logged. Some of the cleaning filaments that is all they are.

Sorry, I can’t understand what you’re trying to say here, but the mention of nylon gives me an idea: could fishing line be used? That’s nylon, isn’t it? It’s certainly cheap, plentiful and easily obtained.

Nylon is hydroscopic it absorbs water from the air. Some of the cleaning filaments are water saturated nylons of one ilk or another.

I suppose but commercial cleaning filament isn’t expensive either, understanding a few feet will last years.

Fishing line is unlikely to have the dimension stability needed. I suppose you could try it but a friend of mine works in commercial fishing supplies and told me this morning 1.7mm line is generally in 5 Km spools. It is a big outlay for a maybe? I suppose if you can access a small amount it might be worth trying for some. Personally too much labor for too little return.

There was no info that came with the cleaning filament. So I cannot add any input as to what the filament was made of. I sure 3DPC can help in that aspect.

I think it varies. I have two brands of cleaning filament. One looks and feels exactly like the nylon I have. I wish I could find where I saw someone say it was nylon. I feel like it was Tom S but I can’t recol. The other is very hard and brittle it feels like styrene. Very brittle. Both hiss and pop like crazy, just like stray bits of nylon do.

To be honest I don’t find it very effective, a cold pull IMO works way better and costs nothing.