Creality borosilicate glass + ABS

Hi there, is there any problem if I print ABS using Borosilicate glass + hair spray?
What do you guys suggest?

Try using a glue stick!

You’re pretty much free to use whatever adhesion additive you want on a glass build plate.

Hello Andre

My Favorite is Elmer’s purple water washable glue stick
Goes on purple, dries clear.

Wipe it with damp cloth to see where it’s worn away it temporally goes purple again.
then you only need to fill in low spots

With ABS I’ve heard good things using a slurry mix of acetone and ABS. I’d google it to check the ratio and application details though.

My main concern was about the glass loses it’s treated layer.

Hello Maxx,

Yes back in the day that was a common solution. 10 to 10

it was 10mm of 1.75 filament to 10mL of acetone.

Some people used up to 20mL and applied multiple coats