Creality CR 10 Max - Print doesn't start

Hello everyone,
I own two Cr-10 Max printers, both have been working great within the last 2-3 years.
Last week, I got a problem with one of them that I would appreciate any feedback. Here are the details:

  • It stops new prints exactly at the first node of calibration (the 16-node auto-leveling cycle that repeats at the beginning of each print).
    The BL touch works well during the two readings at the “home” point, but, does not move once it comes to the corner to make the 1st node reading.
    The heated bed and nozzle work properly, and while it is waiting for any move at that node (leveling), the print progress shows jumps to %10, %20, …… and finished in less than a minute.

  • I noticed that the same issue happens even if I turn on the printer and only try to run “measurement” from the Auto-levelling menu. (i.e. no prints). The screen shows “Auto leveling, please wait” but, no signs of doing anything for up to an hour (please see the attached photos).
    Tried leaving the printer unplugged for a day, but no changes.

  • The very last print before this problem took almost 1 day and it was successful as always.

  • The printer still runs the same firmware V 1.70.0 BL