Creality CR-10S Pro 3D Printer FOR SALE

Very lightly used Creality 3D printer for sale, includes:

  • Micro Swiss All Metal Hotend Kit
  • Carbon silicon crystal glass build plate

For urgent pick-up this week in Mississauga, will take best offer

Am I missing something? A brand new one with warranty is $700.

A Micro Swiss hot end with a direct drive extruder with warranty is $133

That would make the piece of glass almost $1000.

What am I not understanding?

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I thought the same Lego. In my local area there are a number of printers selling or attempting to sell far exceeding new pricing. I personally would expect to pay 1/2 new price for used. 3D printers seem to be all over the place.

Hi folks,

Wow, I didn’t know the 3D printer community was quite so ruthless. My dad passed away 2 weeks ago so I’m trying to sell things in his office in a short space of time - I’m not an expert on printers, and it seems I was going by the wrong receipts to figure out pricing. I will take the best offer for his printer, if anyone is interested. Thanks for enlightening me on the cost. It definitely wasn’t my intention to rip anyone off.


Our apologies for coming across as ruthless. That wasn’t our intent.

I empathise with you. As an only child I had to be the executor of both my parent’s and an aunt’s estates while trying to maintain a job. I can appreciate where you didn’t have time to research the prices.

When 3D printing first caught my attention 6 years ago, a mid-range entry level printer ran around $3000. In the end, I couldn’t justify it and just sat on the sidelines. In the mean time, as 3D printing has become massively more popular, prices have plummeted. I bought my mid-range printer in November for $500 and it came with a separate Raspberry Pi 2 Gigabyte single board computer $50 and 2 rolls of filament ($30 each). I point this out to show how much prices are in free-fall.

Unfortunately, you won’t realistically get anything near what your Dad paid for it. You might seriously consider keeping it or giving it to a friend or relative.

Again, my condolences and apologies for coming across as ruthless.