Creality Cr 10S Pro V2 with BL Touch - Z Offset

After many weeks of printing with new sheet metal spring surface, I updated to Cura 5. Instant problems with Z offset and I cannot figure out the height it needs to be set at. Help! Oh, and Micro-Swiss Direct Drive installed, too.


what kinda problems are ya having?

do you have any pics?
I am assuming everything was working ok on the previous version of Cura?

Hey there!

Is the z-offset set too high or too low? I.e. is it scraping the bed or printing above the bed?


Bl Touch (all of the above) are ‘polish’ unless you have a fully integrated system with some kind of touch feed back. (Prusa XL or Bambu) The BL only assists in correcting the bed inconsistencies it is not doing the ‘levelling’ Tramming more correctly. It is also best left for errors smaller than the nozzle diameter. You need to ‘tram the bed’ that is do the paper thing over the surface and get it as consistent to the nozzle as possible.

Then you need to insure the distance to the nozzle to bed is not too close or too far so the first layer lays well. The BL (or similar) will then be able to make little adjustments if there is a small dip or high spot in the bed. It doesn’t make printers fully automatic level themselves.