Creality CR-20 Pro - Filament sensor or not?

I recently purchased a Creality CR-20 Pro printer and have a question…

Does this machine have a Filament sensor or not? I don’t see one, but I’m a n00b so I’m not sure what I’m looking for. I don’t want to be have way through a 24 hour print and run out of filament!

If it does have the sensor, what happens when the end of the filament is reached? Does it just beep, or will it pause to let me load more filament?


Hi Calab, I have that printer too! It does not come with a filament runout sensor, so you will have to keep an eye on how much filament you have left on your spool, and manually pause and reload if you run out.

Alternatively you can buy the sensor separately and install it yourself, but you would need to update the printer’s firmware. 3D Printing Canada carries this official Creality sensor which is I’m pretty sure is compatible:

I have a filament runout sensor installed on my Artillery Sidewinder X1, and from that I can tell you it beeps very loudly and pauses the print if you run out of filament. Can come in handy!


@Calab i own 4 printers ½ have run out sensors. I would suggest wait before you install one.

They are great on medium size prints when you are home. You can quickly swap and get back to the races. I have a bed that is similar I believe a light texture removable spring plate? I find that once a print completely cools it is prone to release. Making the run out pointless. My other printer has textured glass and I don’t bother with it at all. If the plate cools much the prints release. I rarely catch it fast enough.

Up to you but you should get used to the printer before you mod it.

The beep comes from the printer. The firmware read the signal from the sensor and pauses the print. The sensor is just a switch. They are very simple generally. The big tree one I believe measures if the filament is feeding as well. If your board is compatible.

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