Creality Cr10 5S

I have watched a few video reviews on YouTube and it seems like a good large format printer. Anyone here have or had one? What are your thoughts? Really want a large format so I don’t need to glue things together afterwards.

I first thought that 50cm was great but realy think you need that big of a bed? The larger you go, the more change of a part lifting off the bed. I changed my mind and got a 10s Pro v2 and it’s 30cmx30cmx40cm is great. If you print something using the full bed of a 5s, it’s going to take over a week printing…

I have one. Initially out of the box it did a good job on small prints but you dont buy a printer like this for small prints. I eventually had it serviced by 3d printing canada, they fixe me up with better Z couplers, BL touch, and a direct drive hot swiss end. The printer works fantastically now. I had also previously replaced the bed levelling knobs with nylon lock nuts as the movement of the bed rattled the out of the box knobs off the printer mid print. It is great for very large prints. It is massive and requires a lot of space on your workbench for the bed to move around.

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