Creality Ender 3 Pro BLTouch not working

just got the BLTouch installed and got the software. but nothing is happening. whenever i watch the videos my menu doesnt have the same options as the videos, and then it freezes and shows





When you say you say you “got the software”, are you saying you downloaded and installed a firmware that uses the BLTouch?

The BLTouch essentially replaces the Z-axis Home Switch. I presume the printer is lowering the print head and crashing it into the build surface? Hopefully your BLTouch isn’t being damaged if it is.

Some questions that might be helpful to answer:

What version of firmware does the display say you have?
What version did you download?
What procedure did you follow to install it?
Is the gantry being lowered at all?
Is the BLTouch’s pin being moved when you start a test print?
What colour is the BLTouch displaying?

I have a 4.2.2. board and downloaded the newest firmware that uses the BLTouch (Marlin2.0.6). It did NOT crash into the surface. 1it just wasnt autolevelling like any of the videos i saw online, and the menu was totally different and didnt have any of the options

I downloaded an older version (Marlin2.0.1) and that seems to be working better … still having some problems levelling and the printer goes off the plate itself

Does the firmware you downloaded actually have the settings for the BL touch and features enabled?

Just because it supports the BL tough doesn’t mean they are ‘turned on’

If you are able to share with me the firmware, I can try and double check if it is enabled for you.

As for the older marlin version thats working better, what specifically is not working as your expecting? is it not saving the mesh? Or not saving the set z height you wish?

Also double check your wiring is both correct and the pins/plugs are making good contact. I had an inital issue with my bl touch setup where i did poor dupont connectors and it wasnt deploying as it’s supposed to. I thought it was a firmware thing, but ended up double checking my wiring and yeahh, that was the issue.

You must have downloaded the wrong firmware! Go to Creality’s site and make sure you select the proper firmware

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how do you check if the features are enabled?


i double checked the wiring to make sure they have good contact.

how do i share the firmware?

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Firmware usually is downloaded either in configured, and you need to configure it for your printer or you download firmware that someone else preconfigured based on how your machine is built.

It is easy to get preconfigured that isn’t right. Tuned for a different variations or based on someone else’s needs. Doing it your self is daunting and a big job.

The easy way to share the firmware with Doc is to post the link of where you got it.

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You can either share the link of where you got the firmware, and or upload your firmware folder (marlin with all thats in it) to something like google drive, one drive, dropbox or any file sharing you prefer. From there PM me the link to it and ill download it to see for myself whats going on.

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I just did a video on my cell phone on how to do it only problem is the files to big send me your email and I’ll share Google Drive link so you have a step-by-step


You are in good hands. I have been poking at firmware and code for it but I have mac computers and for a number of boards the driver to connect is not available. My interests lie elsewhere, printing is my interest not the printer.

Good like I am certain with the expertise brought to bare you will soon have a resolution.

Best Alex

i used this firmware from the creality site from 16 Jan, 2021

Ender-3 pro 4.2.2 mainboard firmware(32 bit).zip

So is your printer working now my friend

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yes it is working alot better now. thanks for all your help !


Anytime glad to help