Creality Ender 3 Side Spool Holder Mount

Reddit user nicaqueous has designed this is a neat side spool holder mount for the Creality Ender 3.

Download the model here:

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Neat, thanks for sharing! Is there any advantage to having the filament feed in from the side like this, or is it more of an aesthetic/printer height thing?

It is less restrictive on the filament path which is always a benefit for feeding the machine easier.

I like it a lot as well and can’t wait to see it installed on users machines!

I’m using a similar side mount and I quite like it. I appreciate, aesthetically, that the printer isn’t as tall. I like that the a 1kg wobbling (when it spins and retracts) weight isn’t at the top of my printer, and I find that for the types of things I print, the filament path is far more direct into my extruder without also having a big long line of exposed filament being pushed around.