Creality Ender 3 V2

I have recently replaced my bed springs with the yellow springs. Being a newbie i re leveled the bed ( well i thought i had ) with a piece of paper but the bed is not consistent all the way around. Is there any way of having a fool proof way to level the bed for a fool to understand​:grin::grin::grin: thanks in advance for any help.

Installing a CR Touch and the Jyers UI firmware would allow you to use the probe to level the bed which is more accurate then using paper. These are useful upgrades in them self. Of course that is an expense.

How bad is the bed and what kind of bed. Glass? Flexible?

The bed is glass and not bad at all…no major damage. I have been seriously thinking of getting the BL touch but been a bit apprehensive after seeing some negitive comments.

I have the CR Touch and it works great, really makes a difference on the first layer. I also turned the glass over and use the flat side without the black pebbles and I use glue, I never have a problem with corners lifting off the bed.

I would agree with @Loosenut

Generally speaking, the CRtouch is a good investment. You do still need to be able to level the bed first before you can use the CR touch to its fullest advantage.

If you try this first, When you start to level the bed tighten down all the knobs to snug, so there is no flex in the bed springs at all. Now once that is complete loosen them 1 full turn each. Now when you manually level the bed start at the back corner of the bed that has the power cable coming out of it as it usually has a little spacer in it and will actually be the highest corner with all other things being equal.

Now go around the other 3 corners and you will bring them up to the level of the rear corner where you started. Once that is complete work your way around the bed at least 2 more times, you will adjust very small amounts each time. Once you are there the BL/CR touch will work OK.

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Thanks Loosenut and Jason…this is the way i am heading from both your inputs. Thank you.

If you do have a CR/BL Touch AND the Jyers firmware (for the Ender 3V2 and it’s free) then you can use the built in function to manually level the bed using the probe. It is far more accurate then the paper mode.

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I use a CR it does work well. It is however not the be all end all. You need to establish a good first layer then it will assist in keeping everything correct, barring any major errors.

I think paper thickness is a crumby way to do that. There is massive variations. I use a feeler gauge 0.35 then a live Z adjust. with no BL. The issue of retro fitting is you still have the remnants of the old levelling that allows the bed to move still. It means by times you will need to adjust the bed where a printer that was designed for an automatic bed levelling the bed is fixed.

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The last time I levelled my bed was over 6 months ago using the built in probe method in the Jyers UI firmware. I still get good first layers.

Thank you that’s awesome…it’s ordered and on the way.

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