Creality ender 5 pro firmware

Hi ,
I have tried to install auto leveling in my ender pro 5 in the process to update the firmware unfortunately i didn’t work and i have tried to revert to the original firmware but i couldn’t the only one i was able to download doesn’t allow me to set home properly .
where can i download the original firmware that came with the printer please .


Hi, @s3v3n Welcome to the forum, Glad you found us.

I have a couple of links, both from Creality unfortunately, so I cannot say for sure which one will “work”

This is one a couple of us use

This is the one I usually use

Hope this helps

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Thanks , for getting back to me , i have tried all version that can be downloaded , unfortunately none of them works as the default one that came initially with the machine

which control board is in this printer?

sorry for late reply the board i have is a V 4.2.2

you should be ok, the 4.2.2 firmware in located in the link from earlier.