Creality Ender 6 BLTouch

Hello, looking for some needed advice, I have a Ender 6 with the Ender 6 BLTouch installed. I connected the BLTouch up and installed the latest touch firmware Ender-6-V1.0.4.9-BLTouch.bin. Everything was working great. I am using Ideamaker for my slicing.
I then tried to run a file using Cura, that’s when everything came to a stop. My BLTouch no longer works. If I try to auto home the x and y axis work correctly. The Z axis will drop down around 10mm or so and will not raise up again to level. If I try to run the measurement program nothing happens. I tried reinstalling the printer firmware. Once I have the printer firmware reinstalled without the BLTouch firmware installed the printer will work prefectly. If I reload the BLTouch firmware again, it will do the exact same. I get the red light flashing on the BLtouch, then it will go solid red. It will not turn blue at all and the measuring pin will not drop like it once did. Plus if I try to get the printer to home manually using the screen with the 5 squares nothing happens if you press any of the numbers.
If I could get some help, I would really apricate it.
Another issue that I have with the BLTouch. I don’t know how to adjust the printer head height. Once it does the self leaving when it worked the head was no where near the correct height, I had to go in to adjust setting and set the height of Z to -67 to get a proper print… Can someone help me with this to… thank everyone

I don’t own a BLTouch so I’m limited in the help I can offer, but the first thing that crosses my mind when you describe the flashing red light is the question of whether the BLTouch’s sensing pin is moving freely? Sometimes they get stuck.

The Ender 6, like the Ender 5Pro (my printer) moves the entire bed along the Z axis rather than the print head as with gantry style printers. The initial movement of 10mm or so is just to guarantee that the limit switch has been cleared before slowly moving back to trigger it. The fact that the bed does not move back means it thinks the limit switch is already triggered. On my Ender 5Pro, that limit switch is a traditional limit switch. On the Ender 6, the BLTouch acts as the limit switch. The “limit” is reached when the BLTouch’s pin is pushed up. The fact that the bed doesn’t move up suggests that the BLTouch’s pin is already in the up position (ie. it never came fully down), which corresponds with the flashing red light (being an indication that the probe never decended).

So, make sure the probe pin on the BLTouch is free to move. They can get bent or clogged with debris. It doesn’t take much to stop them. Beyond this advice, I leave it for those more experienced with the BLTouch to help you further.

I don’t understand why you have a BL Touch installed, doesn’t the SIX have a built in touch sensor in the print head that negates the need for an add on sensor???

Did I miss something.