Creality Ender 6 - COREXY - Thoughts?

What are everyone’s thoughts on the Creality Ender 6?
It is a true COREXY according to Creality and it seems like it could be a hit.

Creality also makes the claim that it can print 3x faster than other printers they manufacture.

Seems like a good replacement for the older Creality Ender 5 platform.

Corexy is the way to go for speed, although the machine still has an open top and rubber wheels which kinda kill it for me.

My one of the concern is bed size if you have a bigger print to do and don’t want to see joints.

Im sure they will release a larger version in the future such as an Ender 6 Plus or something.


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We are going to be doing the unboxing video for the ender 6 in the next little while. Can’t wait to see what its capable of.

i don’t want to jump the gun and prove any point.

I received this printer a couple of days ago and assembly was a snap…it has been running ever since…my only complaint is that cura 4.8 doesn’t have a profile for it so I had to hack one together…it is set up to run at 150mm/sec and is now running at 300% fr…mind blowing fast!!!

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Welcome to the forum, thanks for posting,

Its much nicer hearing from users that actually use the machine.

Jason H

need more info , please

i have a ender 3 v2

i need a enclosure, likely cost 250$, need also hotend for abs print 150$

should a buy this printer or buy my whambam enclosure and micro swiss

why not for a detector the filament and also a metal extruder or best direct extruder