Creality Ender 6 heated bed

i have a ender 6
filmware v1.0.4.9
mainboard v4.3.1

Creality annonce Technical Specification ≤110°C for the bed
but mine does not go higher 100°C
and on my touchscreen we only see 0 -100°C for preheat the bed

my question is possible to get the 10°C missing

thankyou for your answersHotbet

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What are you trying to print that you need 110 on the bed?

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thank you to reply
i want to print abs, but always have warping
my enclosure keep at 30 c
i want to have less gap in temp with the nozzle and the bed.
or please help me to print abs…

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The ender 6 isn’t really set up for ABS. It is maxing out both hot end and bed. It really needs a different bed and hot end, extruder to do a good job of it. I would suggest petg as it is not so hot and inside the operating range rather than at the Max of the range.

Thank you for your reply
Seems like I made a mistake buying this printer
I will however try a piece to at least get rid of my abs coils
my printer has an enclosure and a top that keep the temp a 30C
I changed my hotend with microswiss + update with capricon tube
I did my pid check and adjust by usb connection
I have a ventilated room for the fume, and does not make any air flow on the printer
my bed level is ok without bltouch
i use an adhesive like regular household hairspray and gluestick
i will try abs juice in the next day
I managed to make small pieces but not large ones… warping
any advise

The micro swiss should help the hot end. I don’t print a large amount of ABS typically I print mostly PETg, ASA and nylons.

Have you tried using a raft?

Try cutting the print speed for the first 20-50 layers, try 25% of what you are currently printing.

Did you try mouse ears?

What layer height are you using? What nozzle diameter?

Smaller layer height might also help.

Check the bed is not warped. I have an artillery (Creality owned) and when through two beds to get a flat one.

Be careful of hairspray it is very flammable.

Why ABS? It is possible a different material may serve. HTPLA PetG Ngen. There is likely an alternitive to ABS that will be easier to manage.

i’m keeping in mine your answer, thks