Creality Halot One

There is no Indication when I will receive my Resin Printer from your third party GLS Canada delivery Company, no Update since it was picked up in Toronto ON the 16th?? Ok they might have Father’s Day long weekend off, I would have paid extra for 3 day service!! It’s Been 6 days (just looked it up and GLS estimation from L8W 0A9 to T3K-1A1 is 5 days) For a Sale Item, but there was no Option for a 199.00 Sale, I ended up paying 209.98 Anyway…
Why have I got no Updates from the delivery Company?
Ok the Big problem is I do Delivery, and I am not going to leave a 400.CND Resin Printer out on my Front stoop all day, so I’ve not been doing Deliveries for the last few days… It’s now making buying the Printer unprofitable. :frowning:

HI Justin.

I will flag our shipping dept and they can reach out to you and get you an update.

I would suggest alternatively send an email to and that would allow us to grab your email address.

Hi Justin,

I’ve just looked into the shipping for this printer for you and it looks like it departed the local sort facility this morning so hopefully it will be delivered to you by end of day today. Our delivery companies don’t usually send progress updates, but you can always email us at if you have any questions about orders or deliveries.

I’ll keep an eye on this one for you and if we don’t see more movement by tomorrow we’ll reach out to the delivery company for you.

Thank you,

Sam Harding
3D Printing Support

Sorry, according to their own system, It’s been Out for Delivery Twice!!..
Yesterday and Today… They were suggesting I picking it up from their Distribution centre… I did this for Amazon FLEX It’s not Hard! AFLEX is just a REALLY stupid app though It’s getting in there, and they expect you to be running your own Van and you should see the lineup getting into the Warehouse station in NE Calgary once you figure out how to do it’s fine, but people are using their cheap smartphones and its 50 to 100 Feet out!!you can end up blocks away from your Delivery address… and they were Considering Drones???

Dear Jason
Thank you for your Input…
I sent Inquiries to GLS, and they sent me.
Hello Justin,

We understand your concerns with for the transit delay and apologize for any complications you are experiencing,

We would like to advise that standard shipping time is always estimated and should never be taken as a guarantee.
This is because transit times are susceptible to delays due to weather, traffic or other complications that can add a day, or more, of delay depending on the situation.

That being said, the standard delivery time for your transit is 04-06 business days.
As your package was picked up on the 14th we can expect your delivery after the 20th.

I have included your waybill for your convenience:


Thank you again for reaching out to us.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any more questions or concerns.

We hope you enjoy a great day.

Hi Justin,

I have asked our General Manager to look into the status of this shipment for you. Please note that while our staff do check forum threads regularly, any concerns related to orders or shipping should be forwarded to or in order to ensure the fastest response.

After our manager has spoken with our courier representatives we will send you an update under separate cover.

Should you have any questions in the mean time please contact us directly at the store at 905-963-9066 or via email to

Thank you,

Sam Harding
3D Printing Support