Creality K1 Cura Slicer Profile


I already have a post regarding a Prusaslicer profile for the K1, but I decided to separate the two in order to make them easier to find.

The download link can be found here:
Cura: Printables
Prusaslicer: Printables

I have been working on making a Cura Profile for the Creality K1, and K1 Max. I am just in the process of testing them to make sure everything is working properly, but they seem to be going good so far.

I will have 3 profiles available, one that has slower speeds and subsequently higher quality parts, one that runs at about the same speed as crealityslicer and also has better quality, and one that runs even faster than stock, I have seen 10-20% faster with minimal tweaking. In my opinion all the parts, even the ones at higher speeds, have come out better quality than the ones from CrealitySlicer. But the differences are quite small.


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